No-U-turnapp-stitch isn’t just a product, it’s a team, a mission, a plan with a vision…

Our roadmap below is our promise to you. However, it’s only a high-level overview of our commitment to your future. Have a great idea? Need a feature more urgently? Let us know!

All items are subject to change without notice. In fact, we encourage you to challenge our roadmap and submit your ideas and opinions.



Summer 2014: Visual Studio LightSwitch release

Your rules, our app-stitch. Need we say more? (Channels).


Coming soon:

App-Stitch channels store

Hold on to your hats: it’ll be raining dozens of channels (Channels).

Build your own channels

Multi-language features

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MVC compatibility

Web API and integration in any project with an Entity Framework.

Should we soap?

Soon to come

Horizontal scaling

Retry queues

Have a great idea? Let us know!

 Channels, channels, channels! (Channels)