app-stitch is a next-generation event processor

app-stitch is a plugin which you can add to your application. Once installed, it will keep an eye out for anything that happens in your application.  An incoming payment, an overdue invoice, a new customer, … We call these ‘events‘.

Using a simple web-page, you can create ‘rules‘ to tell app-stitch how to process these events. These rules are often very straight-forward, you only need a few clicks for example, to stop a particular user from granting him/herself a promotion…


with a built-in textual and arithmetic templating language

In that example, the message shown to the user will always be the same.  We understand you need more flexibility, this is why we allow you to write ‘variables‘. Below is a screenshot of a rule that will send an email, you’ll notice that some of the text appears in pencil.  These are the variables (CustomerName‘), that will be replaced with their real values (‘Bob‘) when the email is sent.




Besides simply replacing variables with their real value, app-stitch can use those values to do calculations too.

and dozens of preconfigured channels

app-stitch can do a lot more than just sending emails.  ‘Sending emails’ is just one ‘channel‘, and app-stitch has* many channels which can help you with file transformations, sms/mms, email, timed events, auditing, reporting, Quickbooks, SSRS, weather, SharePoint, CrystalReports, Facebook, Yammer, Twitter, LinkedIn, PeopleSoft, SalesForce, Netsuite, and dozens more.

Not enough? Need something really specific? app-stitch is built with simplicity and flexibility in mind, so your engineers or ours can extend app-stitch so you can interact with your custom tailored channels too.

for .NET

Which does not only mean that app-stitch ‘runs’ in .NET, but that it understands your type of .NET application has different needs than a SOA server farm