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‘Find a home’ is an application created to help you and your small real estate agency company located in the Caribbean. There’s more frustrating things in life than selling or renting out luxury homes on the beach…

Buggy or incomplete software to name just one, like this ‘Find a home’ application. It is missing some serious validations, has an incomplete ‘Featured home’ module and was supposed to automatically email realtors, but this feature was dropped from the backlog due to time pressure.

Thankfully, ‘Find a home’ does have app-stitch installed

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide, designed to teach you how app-stitch works and how it can solve these typical software issues with a few simple rules.

Try it yourself

Application link
Intro: sample application tour
rule 1: Authorizing who can continue to create a new record 
rule 2: Understanding properties
– rule 3: Set a default value on new records
rule 4: introducing channels
rule 5: recap: audit
rule 6: time channel, mail channel and new action types
rule 7: audit when rule fired
rule 8: Make a newsletter.