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In this first post we will guide you around the sample application a bit. This way will make it easier to follow the other guides and you’ll understand the power of app-stitch even more. To start the sample application, go to this link:

When you open it, you will see the login screen.

Image 156
Don’t worry, we will not share your email with third parties! The only reason we need your email is because the rules you will create with app-stitch are bound to it’s user so this way you will only see your rules. We don’t want everybody to be able to see or even delete each others rules now do we.

Once you have you have entered a valid email, click the login button and you will first see our EULA.

Image 157

Please make sure you read the whole EULA and click on the ‘I have read and accept the EULA’ button on the bottom if the page (only after readin through everything!)

Once it is loaded you can start playing around with it. The find-a-home application is a sample real-estate application that allows you to search with filters. You can see on the top of the screen all the possible filters and opening the ‘more options…’ screen will give you even more filters like hasJacuzzi. Feel free to play with it and make sure you fully understand everything.

Image 150Now we will show you how to create a new listing. Some of our guides revolve around the creation of new listings, so it’s very important that you fully understand the proces of creating a new listing. To start, click on the button ‘List a home’ in the bottom right corner. This will bring you to the create a new listing screen:

Image 152

Since this is just a sample application we added some random data in every field, this way you can test your newly created rules without having to complete all the fields. But you can change any of the properties as you want (you will need to for some other app-stitch guides). You will see that almost all properties are filters when looking for a listings. You can upload a new picture or change the location by clicking on any of the other tabs on the top of the screen. Just like with the normal data we provide some sample image and location information in case you don’t feel like adding all of this yourself. Click on the save button in the top right corner of the screen to create the new listing.

This will then bring you back to the search page. Another way to see all your listings and/or change them is by clicking on the ‘Listings’ link in the top right corner of the screen.

Image 153On this screen you can see all the listings in a nice table and clicking on any of them will bring you to the editing screen.

Image 154This is pretty similar to the create a new listing screen and allows you to change any property you want. When you are done editing, click on the save button on the top of the sceen

And that’s pretty much it for our sample application. Now you are ready to start playing around with the most awesome extension ever created in the history of mankind.. app-stitch! Click on the ‘Rules’ link in the top right corner to start your app-stitch experience!

And here we are! Click on the ‘create new rule’ button in the bottom right corner to start your app-stitch fun. Follow our other guides for more introducing to app-stitch. Have fun!